Elias Pelcastre

Messenger.com, a web version of Facebook Messenger to avoid distractions

Do you still use Facebook? Many of my friends disappeared from the social network a few years ago. Now, we (my friends and I) think Twitter offers a more serious solution.

Facebook wants to regain its public, with a web platform that intends to offer users a way to “message without the other distractions that Facebook can provide”.

If you find your feed is distracting you from answering to all your messages, Messenger.com is here to the rescue.

The new website is very easy to use and has a nice and plain interface. Once you click on the login link, you´ll be asked to introduce your Facebook email and password. You can check the box, below the “Continue” button in case you want Messenger to keep you signed in.

Facebook Messenger web

Next, you´ll see a screen divided in two: on the left side, your inbox with all your messages and the friends and family who have contacted you; on the right, the main area with your full conversations.

The “Messenger” section has a message button, in case you want to start a new conversation with a friend or a group of people; a settings button, to turn on or off the desktop notification system and log out; and a search option, to look for a person or group.

Messenger.com may or may not pose a threat to services like Telegram or Whatsapp, which also have a web version of their messenger platforms – that´s for the users to decide. What do you think of Messenger.com? Let us know in the comment section below.

Access Messenger.com on your desktop browser

Taken from my website EPELTECHMagazine