Elias Pelcastre

Enjoy Facebook Messenger on the search bar of your browser

I know a lot of people that think the Facebook can be a distraction. They get carried away with all their friends’ updates, photographs and videos.

If you want to stay focused while looking for something on the Internet, but at the same time be connected to your friends, I recommend you try Facebook’s Messenger extension for Chrome.

Extensions add certain functions to Chrome that are not supported natively. For example, I have a WordReference extension that allows me to translate words from English to Spanish without visiting the dictionary’s website.

Facebook Messenger is an unofficial extension that puts the social network’s chat functionality right on Chrome’s search bar. This way there’s no need to have Facebook open all the time to get your friends’ latest messages.

Facebook Messenger extension Chrome

Here’s what you have to do: go to the official website of Facebook and login with your usual credentials. Now, download Facebook’s Messenger extension on the Chrome Web Store.

After you install it you will see the Facebook Messenger icon next to the search bar at the top of the window; click on it to see a window with all your conversations. Just start chatting as you would on Facebook.

That’s not all. You can also move the chat window around – something very useful, in case you’re not using Chrome anymore and still want to get all the chat’s updates.

This way you can only read and answer all the messages that you get on Facebook, instead of reading everyone’s updates.

Download Facebook Messenger extension for Chrome on Mac or PC