Elias Pelcastre

TrueMessenger wants to eliminate spam texts on Android

These days, getting spam is like getting junk mail through the door. Nobody asks for it, but still, we’re invaded by this type of advertising.

Once upon a time spam used to be an e-mail curse, but not anymore. We are also bombarded by spammers over text messages, promoting different services or trying to obtain personal information for commercial or illegal purposes.

TrueMessenger is an app for Android that promises to “tell you who sent you that SMS (even if they are not in your contacts) and automatically block spam, keeping your Inbox safe and clean.”

It requires you to accept a set of permissions, including access to all your phone´s functions. Once you agree, you have to select your country and provide a phone number.

Text message spam filter app Android

You will get a call from TrueMessenger to confirm your details, but don’t worry, you don’t have to answer the call – the service will confirm your phone number automatically.

The main screen displays a pop-up window asking who can see your contact details. This can be either the general public, friends of your friends or by request only.

TrueMessenger will ask you to make it your SMS app by default to work properly (you can do this by simply pressing OK on the screen, without leaving TrueMessenger). Spam filters will be put in place and the app will display a list of all your text messages with an option to select a number and mark it as spam.

You will also see a “true” symbol next to a phone number; that way you will know if it comes from a reliable user.

TrueMessenger can help you feel more at ease whenever you get a strange text message. And because of its simple interface and set up, it’s worth trying it.

Download TrueMessenger free for phones with Android 4.1 or above