Elias Pelcastre

Flesky Keyboard for iPhone, iPad and Android goes free

With iOS 8, Apple introduced the possibility of installing third party keyboards. Flesky was one of the big names to first join the move.

After costing $0.99 for iPad and iPhone, the keyboard is now free for life. If you haven’t tried it already, once you install the app you will have to enable the use of third-party keyboards through the settings app on your iOS device.

The General tab inside Settings displays a keyboard section where Flesky will be located. Turn it on and head to an app that lets you use the new keyboard.

Flesky keyboard free iPhone Android

Press the world icon, next to the space button on the keyboard, and select Flesky. This way you will be able to type faster, and send “imojis” and GIFs to your contacts.

Flesky has been available for Android for a while and is officially considered the fastest keyboard on the world. Both iOS and Android versions have in-app purchases, offering a wide range of theme options, so take that into account if you lend your device to a kid (I bet you don’t want any surprise charges made to your iTunes account).

You can download Flesky for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 8 or above at no cost here, and the Android version here. Please write your impressions and comments down below once you do.