Elias Pelcastre

How to import your Spotify playlists to Apple Music

I bet you were using Spotify before signing up to Apple Music. I also bet you have long playlists saved on Spotify that you can’t be bothered to start again on Apple’s brand new streaming service.

If you’re asking yourself how to move those playlists to your new favourite streaming service, you should try Stamp. This is a tool that will help you export your Spotify playlists to Apple Music on a swiftly manner.

If you head to the website you will see that before downloading Stamp, you will need to log in to your Spotify account using Exportify. Give Exportify permission to access your Spotify account to see a list of your playlists, and an “Export” button next to each one of them.

Once you click on “Export” the system will generate a .CVS file. Now, download the Stamp software and import the .CVS file you created before.

Import playlists from Spotify to Apple Music

Stamp will add each song from your playlist to Apple Music. So if you have a lot of songs, the import process will take a while.

There’s also the real possibility that Stamp doesn’t add all your Spotify songs to your new playlist on Apple Music. Still, this beats having to start a playlist all over again.

If you tried Stamp, please leave your thoughts on the comment section – don’t be shy 🙂

Download Stamp for free on Mac