Elias Pelcastre

Mitzuli, an offline translator for Android phones and tablets

When traveling, one of the most difficult things is to get an Internet connection. And if you are in a country that doesn’t speak English, things can get even worse at the moment of trying to communicate with someone.

Mitzuli is a dictionary app for Android that wants to make things easier when in another country. The app has a very straight forward design: the main screen displays a blue menu with a list of language and a translation area where you can select the input and output.

Offline translator for Android

On the language menu, you will see a pin button that downloads dictionaries for offline translation. Combinations include English to Spanish, English to Catalan and English to Croatian, to name a few.

To use the app you can either write or dctate a word or sentence, or take a photograph to a sign or document. Then, just press the translate button on the middle of the screen to get the meaning.

Mitzuli is a very friendly app that could help you out whenever you are traveling. It’s free and doesn’t take up a lot of space on your device.

It requires Android 2.2 or above, so chances are it runs on your phone or tablet. Try it and let me know your thoughts on the comment on section below.

Download Mitzuli free for Android 2.2 or above