Elias Pelcastre

Find your way in London by public transport with this Android and iPhone app

I find it easier to ride the bus or the tube. That way, you can avoid the traffic, be more green and get to places faster.

But big cities like London or Mexico can be daunting; maybe you don’t know which bus or tube line to take to get to your destination and need to get to an important meeting somewhere you’re not familiar with.

Moovit is a great app that makes travelling by public transport a lot it easier. It is available for Android and iPhone without charge, and works with Apple Watch and Android Wear.


Download and open the app to see a map with the nearest bus stops or access to the tube. You can either get directions to your destination or find the closest tube line using Moovit’s native tool.

Just introduce the place you want to go on the search bar and press the blue “Let’s go” button to get directions either by bus, tube, train. Moovit will display the approximate arrival time and the number of stops that will take to get to your destination.

What I really like about Moovit is that it tells you exactly where to stand to wait for a bus and how many stops it will take for you to get there. That way you won’t be wandering around trying to find your way to work, home or an unknown destination.

Download Moovit free for your platform