Apple beta program

Last year, Apple oppened the beta testing of its software to the public. Now, users can try the new OS X, for Mac, and iOS pre-releases without the need of enrolling as a developer, and paying 99 USD a year.

By beta, Apple means an early release of its software that may come with some glitches, or “problems”. Keep this in mind, in case you decide to proceed with the installation, as everything may not run smoothly.

iOS 9 beta

How to install iOS 9 public beta

First of all, you need to sign up to the Apple Beta Software Program on the dedicated site. After you enrol your Apple ID, Apple will send you an email letting you know you are now part of the programme (places may be limited).

Once the enrolment has been successful, head to the profile installation website on your iOS device, either an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Press on the “Install profile” button to be redirected to the Settings app.

You will be asked to restart your device. The next step is to install the new iOS 9 beta 1, by pressing the “Software Update” option inside the General tab in the settings app.

Now just wait for the beta to download. It displays a 12 minute wait at the moment of writing this article.

iOS 9 comes with new features such as the ability of using two apps a the same time on an iPad 2, the brand new News app and transit updates on the Maps app. After I download the beta, I will let you know the things I find.