Elias Pelcastre

Six months with the iPhone 6 Plus: was it worth it?

iPhone 6 Plus

I managed to trade a (free) BlackBerry Passport for an iPhone 6 Plus; at the end I avoided paying for Apple´s top end smartphone. Still, six months later I ask myself, is this phablet worth the $749 (off-contract) sacrifice?

Hard to say, really. I´ve been a fan of the iPhone since day one, but I have to admit the love I once felt for the iPhone 3G has slowly been dying generation after generation. Now I think Android has way much more to offer.

The iPhone 6 Plus is really light and thin, but the smartphone that once changed it all feels quite old. This has to do with iOS, obviously, not the phone per se – Apple has added some gimmicks to its mobile software but there hasn´t been a breakthrough since 2007, and that´s just my humble opinion.

Apart from the software, the iPhone 6 Plus has one main limitation: RAM. Apple just added 1 GB of RAM to its first ever phablet, and believe it or not, you can feel the slowness.

I like playing Crossy Road, but if try I multitask on the iPhone, the game slows down and the songs on the background pause for a second or two. I mean, bloody hell Apple! There are Android phablets with 3 GB of RAM that cost considerably less than the iPhone 6 Plus (the Oppo Find 7 comes to mind, with its $500 price tag).

The App Store used to have an advantage over Android; apps used to launch as iPhone exclusives, but nowadays both platforms see a simultaneous release in most cases. Also, the iPhone 6 Plus has a 2,915 battery, according to GSM Arena and I get at least one day of usage, but it feels like Apple could have done a much better job here (Xiaomi Mi Note Pro has a 3,000 battery).

Don´t get me wrong: I like having the iPhone´s bigger screen, but I think Apple just released a big phone just to go with market demand. Innovation was not part of its aim. What do you think?