Elias Pelcastre

This is the new iOS 9 public beta on an iPad Air 2

I just managed to install the new iOS 9 public beta on my iPad Air 2. I think that if you have the newest iPad, and want to try the new iOS before its public release, you won´t be disappointed.

Let me tell you why: since I was bought the first iPad in 2010, I have been dreaming of using two apps at the time. That is now a reality… Five years later…

Before rambling on about the new features of iOS 9 beta, you can read on my previous post how to install the software on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Honestly, iOS 9 does not look like a big upgrade at first sight; you have to dig deep to find the new features. I can only talk about the new beta on an iPad Air 2 – I did not want to mess around on my iPhone 6 Plus.

iOS 9 public beta review

If you have an iPad Air 2 and want to run two apps at the same time, first you need to go to Settings and check inside the Multitasking tab the feature “Allow Multiple Apps” (or something like that) is on. The next step is to load a capable app, i.e. Safari, Mail and Messages, and drag your finger from right to left on the top left corner, las it shows on the next video I recorded:

That is just fantastic. I´m so glad Apple implemented this desperately needed feature on the iPad.

Other changes include a new multitasking interface, where apps are displayed on their entirety throughout the screen, as it follows:

And a new Siri:

The Home screen also includes the Find my friends app and a feedback tool to let Apple know of any problems you may find while using the beta. The search tool also looks different, with a sleeker design.

Other than that, we think the first public beta of iOS 9 does not bring “radical” new changes. So far I have not had any problems using the software, let´s hope it stays that way.

I will keep using, to update you on any new discoveries. Please, let me know if you found something on the comment section below.