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How to watch a video while using another app on iOS 9

When I reviewed the public beta of iOS 9 on Thursday I forgot talking about “Picture in picture”. That’s just Apple’s fancy talk for watching a video while doing something else on your iPad or iPhone.

At the moment of writing, I’m watching the new Batman vs Superman trailer – by the way, the film looks awesome!

So, what do you have to do to watch a video while on the home or using Facebook (or doing anything else)? It’s actually quite simple. All you have to do is load a video on Safari, and once the “Play” button appears you will see an icon with two windows and an arrow pointing to the upper left corner.

After you press the “Picture in picture” button, the video will detach from Safari and move to the right. There, you can move the window by just dragging it wherever you want, in case it is blocking your view of something on the screen.

Picture in picture iOS 9

To close the floating window, just press the “X” button on the right. It will disappear from the screen, in case you feel it was getting on the way.

I just have to point out that PIP didn’t seem to work that well while opening the multitasking interface and changing between windows. Placback stopped after I changed between three apps. And it only works on Safari, not the YouTube or any third party app.

Still, remember iOS 9 is still on beta and glitches like this tend to happen. If you have an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on iOS 8 and want to try the new software before its September release, here I tell you how to install the public beta.

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