This is the first time I write a film “review” in English, so please, go easy on me. Yesterday, I went to see the Minions movie, and to be honest with you, it was quite boring.

I have nothing against children cinema; I actually love Megamind, Wall-e and the original Despicable me film.

But in my opinion, Minions are not funny enough to be the main characters. They fit well as Gru’s “evil helpers”, but the fact that they don’t actually talk, makes you go from “aww”, thanks to the “papoy” language, to “I can’t understand a damn thing they are saying”.

I have to admit the film has its funny moments. No spoiler alert here, but the intro and ending made me, and the public, laugh. And I love the fact that the animation has London as its setting. It reminded me of my visits to the UK’s capital while at university in Cardiff.

I saw the version in Spanish, with Ricky Martin as one of the main voices. If by any chance you speak the language, you may remember he was the voice of Hercules in the Latin version of the film by the same name. But in comparison, Ricky Martin sounds fake and overacted. He was just a name to attract more viewers. I know I should give you my views on the English version, but I can’t be bothered to watch Minions again.

If you have kids, let them be the judges. But while in the cinema, I didn’t hear any of the toddlers laughing. Did you see the film? Let me know your comments below.