Elias Pelcastre

You can explore Pluto on your iPad

Browsing through to the App Store I ran into an app that lets you explore Pluto for free on your iPad.

Pluto Safari is divided into 5 sections, timeline, location, guide, news and poll. Timeline talks New Horizons, the spacecraft launched to study Puto; Location shows you different views of Pluto; Guide give you “a guide to Pluto, its discovery, and the first mission to explore it”; News presents you the latest discoveries and information on the object; and Poll lets you have your say on the issue of whether Pluto is a planet or not.


The app is interactive and easy to use, and for me, Location is the best feature, as it enables th per user to play and see the galaxy for theirself in a very fun and informative way.

Pluto Safari may seem very simple at first, but when you start fiddling with it you’ll realise it’s very interesting and educational.

Pluto Safari is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 7.0 or above and is completely free, meaning it doesn’t have in-app purchases. The app weighs 66 MB, so it won’t take too many space up from your mobile device.

You can download Pluto Safari here