Elias Pelcastre

Facebook One makes checking notifications on your browser a lot easier

How much time do you spend on Facebook? You may think is not that much, but every minute you spend on the social network checking for any updates or messages adds up.

Having your Facebook open all the time can also get you in trouble whenever you’re at the office or at school.

I just found a Chrome extension that helps you avoid keeping your Facebook open at all times or loading the website every time you want to know what’s new.

Facebook One boasts to be “the best Facebook extension for Chrome”. Available for free on the Chrome Web Store, Facebook One is pretty easy to install and use.

Facebook web

Download the free extension and wait until a Facebook icon appears on the upper left corner of your browser.

Log in to your Facebook account on Facebook’s official website. You will notice that the Facebook icon on Chrome’s search bar will start displaying floating red numbers, in case you have notifications waiting to be seen.

If you click on the Facebook icon you will see six sections, including home, notifications, messages, friends, profile and events. All of them take you to the social network’s official website.

The great thing about Facebook One is that you don’t need your to have your Facebook page open in order to be notified about a new message or friend request.

And if you are at the office and have Chrome installed on the company’s computer, you can install Facebook One without administrator’s permissions. Chrome just adds the extension to the browser.

Let me know if you thought Facebook One was useful on the comment section below.

Download Facebook One for Chrome