Elias Pelcastre

First Android M port for the OnePlus One released

Earlier this year Google revealed their new update to the Android operating system, giving it the temporary code name “M”.

The developer previews are ,at launch, only available to certain Google devices though as time goes the list for compatible devices gets bigger as the source code gets released to the public and manufacturers get to implement their own features and optimizations.

Non-Nexus users are always eager to try out the developer previews, though without a dedicated version for their device it seems impossible. That is where the talented developers from the internet come in.


First Android M port for the OnePlus One

The user “Aaahh” over at the OnePlus forum managed to port the first, functioning developer preview of Android M over to the OnePlus One. The build is still in a very early stage and is not recommended as a daily driver for stability issues and app issues: “Bloated, with two of the almost exact same applications, except one usually crashes faster. Does NOT include framework, and some of api 22″ notes Aaahh.

If you feel adventurous or curious as to how the process of installation goes, head over to the thread where the download link and instructions are sited.

Disclaimer: Eliaspelcastre.com is not held responsible for any damaged or bricked  devices, loss of data, or any other problem you might encounter when attempting to install this yourself, always be cautious when installing custom operating systems.