Elias Pelcastre

I just tried Window’s digital assistant Cortana on Android (Update)

That is right. Cortana – Microsoft’s digital assistant for Windows Phone – has been leaked. And I just tried it.

Available as an APK file, thanks to Sumomimobili, you can try the assistant before it is released officially at what it looks like the end of the month. Before you download Cortana, you will need the Android setting “Unknown sources” turned on to install the assistant.

After you download and install the APK, Cortana will greet you with some tips. You know, things you can ask her, and the things she is keen to do for you. You will have to agree to a privacy agreement and provide a name or nickname.

Cortana Android

You will also have to access with a Windows account – you can use your Hotmail or MSN credentials. Cortana’s interface will pop up with the question “What can I help you do now” and a list of recommended news articles.

There is a blue microphone button on the bottom that you can use to ask any question. I asked “What’s the time in London” and Cortana replied with “It’s 7:07 in London” and a clock card.

If you ask “What can you do”, Cortana will give you a list of commands. What I didn’t like is that you have to press the microphone button to ask for something, unlike Google Now and its hands-free voice command “OK, Google”.

Next, a video of Cortana on the Moto G 2013:

Cortana’s voice sounds like a robot woman, and, to be honest, is not that different from Apple’s Siri and Now. What do you think? Have you tried Cortana?

Update 9/12/15

You can download the official Cortana app, available only in the US Play Store, at APKMirror here.