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I remember the excitement when Apple released the first public beta of iOS 9.As I told you before, I installed the software on an iPad air 2. So obviously the features I eagerly wanted to try was “Split view” that enables the use of two apps at the same time, and “Picture in Picture” to watch a video even in the Home screen while doing something else.

I have to say the public beta of iOS 9 is not THAT spectacular. Still, I gathered a list of 5 things I noticed after spending some time with the testing software of Apple.


When you open Safari, tapping on the two rectangle button on the right of the screen (on the top) displays the websites you have open at the centre, a more reduced search bar on the left, and your iCloud tabs on the bottom.

Siri button on Spotlight

You know Spotlight, the search option that appears when you slide your finger from right to left on the Home button. Well, I just got better and seem to be the feature that got most of the improvements, as you will find out throughout the rest of the article.

Siri has now a dedicated button on the right side of the search bar on Spotlight. This way you can ask questions like “Open Safari” and “Play songs of Coldplay” without tapping the Home button twice to invoke Siri.
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Siri app suggestions

Siri now suggests apps that you may want to use, based on your habits. It also suggests people you may want to contact. Kind of spooky, isn´t it?

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News suggestions

As I told you before, Spotlight seemed to be the secondary feature to get the most visible improvements. Spotlight suggests News, so you can be informed of everything that is happening in the world.

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Picture in Picture videos not playing on the background

I was reading The Guardian earlier and wanted to watch a video of Tim Farron – the new Liberal Democrat leader – avoiding the question “Do you think gay sex is a sin?” (he avoided the question 3 times and didn´t provide a definite answer). I tapped the Picture in Picture button, but playback stopped once I exit the Guardian app.

There you go. If you don’t have the beta installed this could give you an idea of what to expect when iOS 9 arrives in the autumn.