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It’s all over the news: you don’t need a Facebook account to start chatting with your friends and family. All you need is a phone number.

How do you set up Facebook Messenger with the mobile phone number? It’s very easy.

Download the free app on your iPhone or Android smartphone. On the main screen of the app, you will notice a button on the lower part that says “Not on Facebook?” – below the “Log in with Facebook blue button”.

Select your country code on the left and enter your complete mobile phone number. Mexico needs a 1 before the 55 (that would be +521 and the phone number) while the UK need to get rid of the 0, so that’s just +44 and the phone number.


Messenger app

Facebook Messenger will send you a text message with the code that you need to introduce on the app to start using the chatting service. Once you’re inside, Facebook messenger will ask for permission to have access to your contacts to see who is on the social network.

By the way, you can also use messenger on a Mac or PC with your phone number.

Maybe this way even more people will start using Facebook Messenger. Do you think that’s what will happen? Write your thoughts below.

Download Messenger for iOS 8 and Android 4 here