Elias Pelcastre

Recommended Apple Music and Spotify playlists for this Sunday

The weekend is not over. That’s why I compiled a set of playlists featured Apple Music and Spotify to make it last.

Apple Music

Florence and the Machine: Remixed. If Apple music is not already recommending you this playlist, you should definitely check it out to listen to some of the most popular tunes of the band in an electro style. Now you can keep the party going.

Tiësto: The Trance of Years. Justin Timberlake, HIM and other artists get remixed by one of the most popular DJs on the world.

Chilaxx. If you want to relax after last night’s party, this playlist is for you. Lana del Rey, Arcade Fire and the lot will help you feel better.


ElectroNow. This playlist has a wide range of electronic artists like Trional, Tiësto and Netsky that will keep the party alive.

Night Rider. As the name implies, this playlists has tracks to keep you going through the night with artists like Zhu, College and The Knocks.

UK House Music. Enjoy some of the house from one of the most influential countries in the planet.