When I saw SongPop 2 on the App Store´s “Best new games” section, I knew I had to try it. SongPop is “the world´s biggest music trivia game” – as FreshPlanets likes to put it.

Differences between the original SongPop game and the sequel include a brand new interface and a new catalogue of songs.

SongPop 2 asks you to sign up with an e-mail address or a Facebook account. If not in the mood, you can skip this step entirely.

The game offers six playlists to master, with genres including Rock, Pop and R&B from the 50`s onwards. Just select a playlist like “Essential Pop” or “2000´s Jukebox” to start playing.

SongPop 2

SongPop 2

On practice mode, you will learn the ropes by playing against the computer. You have to identify five songs as quickly as possible; after you finish a game, SongPop 2 will compare your performance and display the results on a chart.

You can listen to the playlist songs on YouTube or iTunes, share them on Twitter or Facebook and like them with the heart button.

SongPop offers a wide range of in-app purchases that go from $0.99 to $12. The game per se is free, but you will find it gets boring after playing the same playlists over and over again.

What do you think of SonPop 2? You can download it for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android here.