Elias Pelcastre

The original and addictive Flappy Bird game is still alive

The Internet forgets very fast – a year ago everyone was obsessed with this game called Flappy Bird.

If you never heard of it, Flappy Bird was the creation of developer Dong Nguyen and got viral in February 2014. The game had you playing as a cute yellow bird making one jump at a time and avoiding hitting the floor and tube pipes that looked like taken from Mario Bros.

The app was available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android. One day, not too long after the app was released, Nguyen decided the game was “too addictive” and took it down from both mobile stores.

I reckon Nintendo threatened to sue him over the use of Mario Bros’s trademark landscape and design elements (the game was making over $50K a day at a time Nintendo was reporting losses).

Thousands of copycats invaded the App and Play stores with their own version of Flappy Bird. Some of them had spam and virus installed and tried to take advantage of desperate people wanting to play the extinct game on their devices.

Flappy Bird

Seventeen months have passed and you can still play the original game on your mobile device. The only thing you have to do is head to the next link on your mobile browser (no spam or virus included).

Nobody is talking about Flappy Bird anymore, but at least there is still a way to playing this addictive game on a phone or tablet.