On the Bright side

Alex Kimbrel’s EP “On the Bright Side” is available on iTunes Music and Spotify. The five-track album is full of positive energy.

“Will be OK” kicks off saying you shouldn’t worry, because “bad times only last as long as you let them”; “Chasing the Sun” invites you to have faith; and “Great Things”, with a slow and relaxing rhythm, reassures you that everything will be fine.

“What Everyone Wants” inspires you to fight for your happiness, while “I Just Smile” closes by saying you should be strong and smile in spite of all things.

“On the Bright Side” combines vocals, piano other instruments to convey a powerful message. Anyone that is feeling down should listen to it.

The EP is available on the next Spotify link, and on Apple Music here. You can also buy here album on the official website or the iTunes Store.

You can also listen to the EP after the break:

I think more artists should send fans a positive message. New music just feels about sex and dancing our problems away (a new wave of meaningful songs should start populating streaming services and radio stations).

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