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The drone industry has taken a huge step. Flirtey, the “world’s first autonomous aerial delivery company”, delivered on Friday medical supplies to a rural area in Virginia, United States.

On an interview with The Verge, Flirtey’s CEO Matthew Sweeney talked about the event’s implications for the industry:

In this area, we had 3,000 people camping out for medical care in cars, blocking single-lane roads on the way to the medical clinic. The supplies are typically delivered by car, a 90-minute drive over bumpy, often broken down roads. “In circumstances with traffic congestion like this, or over rugged terrain, or in emergency scenarios like Katrina, drone delivery provides the fastest and most reliable method of delivery of emergency supplies.

Sweeney also reflected on the reasons why drone delivery face too many problems:

In the early 1950s many people thought it was impossible to run a mile in under 4 minutes, until Roger Bannister broke the barrier. The barrier turned out to be largely psychological and today that happens routinely. I think our achievement of the first approved drone delivery on US soil will break a psychological barrier.

Take a look at the drone delivery made by Flirtey. The video lasts for almost 7 minutes and shows the drone delivering the supplies and making it back to a safe landing spot:

Drone delivery

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