Google Maps gets better and better. Less than two weeks ago the app added the ability to send directions from a PC to an Android smartphone or tablet.

You just have to look for a place on the web version of maps and hit the “Send to device” button to see it on your mobile device”.

Maps 9.12 comes with two new features, a timeline tub and the ability to name your favourite places.

Maps app

Google Maps for Android

As usual, Google likes to take its time and releases the update on a roll-out basis. That means it could take a while for you to get the update on your Android – if you can’t wait you can download the APK file and install the update yourself.

Maps have a new tab on the left menu called Timeline that displays all the places that you have been to recently. You will have to give permission to Google to show your recent history.

And if you want to edit the name of a place, tap on the three dotted button on the top of a place and select “Edit name”. This way you can give a place your personal touch.

Did you like the update? Do you think it is useful?