Apple Q3 2015 earnings call

Apple just had a conference call to report on the earnings of the third quarter of 2015.

These are the highlights:

Apple has $202.8 billion in cash, 89% it is offshore
Android users switched to iPhone on a higher rate that “we’ve ever meassured”
iPhone has highest customer satisfaction rate of any smartphone brand
86% of iPhone owners plan to purchase a new Apple smartphone
97% iPad Air 2 customer satisfaction
iPad accounts for 76% of the $200 tablet market
97% customer Apple Watch satisfaction rate, 94% of owners use the watch daily
“Services” category earned $5 billion in revenue, setting a new all-time record
App Store grew 24%
8,500+ Apple Pay and Siri apps
“Millions and millions” of Apple music users
“Millions” tune into Beats 1
15,000 artists signed up to Connect
700 universities adopting Apple Pay
Apple has 190 retail stores outside the US, 456 in total
40 stores to open in China by middle 2016

What do you think of the announcements? Let me know your thoughts below.