Would you like to know if the receiver read your email message? There is a Chrome extension for that.

MailTrack is a semi-free Chrome extension that lets you know if someone has read your message. By “semi-free” I mean the extensión offers premium features that have a cost.

Available on the next link MailTrack is very easy to setup. Head to the extension´s page and download it; once you do it, you will be redirected to MailTrack´s website.

Provide your Gmail details and give the service permission to access your email account. If you select the free plan option you will only be able to see if the receiver read your message – the $3.50 premium plan offers daily reports, link tracking, and other features.

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Now go to Gmail and compose an email and you will see the phrase “Sent with MailTrack” on the bottom of the compose section. If you head to the “Sent” area on your inbox, the message you sent will display a green tick icon.

You will notice a second tick when the receiver opens your message. MailTrack has a pop-up notification that lets you know your message has been read.

If you place the mouse on top of the email you sent, MailTrack will display an estimated time of reading. This way you will always know if people read your messages.

Did you like MailTrack?