Elias Pelcastre

You can control your PC, Mac or Linux computer from an Android Wear smartwatch

You can control a PC or Mac computer from a smartphone or tablet. There are tons of apps that enable you to remote control your desktop or laptop computer from a mobile device.

A smartphone or tablet is fine to manage your computer from the distance but would you like to control your Mac, PC or Linux laptop from a smartwatch? Unified Remote makes that a reality.

Unified Remote relies on two things: a server programme for a Mac, PC or Linux computer and a mobile app for an Android phone. The latter connects the service to your Android Wear smartwatch.

By the way, in order to use your smartwatch to control a computer you will have to buy the full version of Unified Remote on this link and install the server on your computer for free here.

After you install both utilities, open the app on your smartphone and click on the green button to look for the computer server (it most be open on your computer in order for this to work).

Now head to your smartwatch, tap twice on the Home screen and look for the Unified Remote icon (it has a green colour). You can either use your voice or the smartwatch screen as a mouse to remote control your computer from the distance.

Take a look:

Control a computer with a smartwatch


You can also control your computer from your smartphone and Open Spotify, use the keyboard and turn off or restart your Mac, PC or Linux computer.

Have you tried Unified Remote? What do you think of the app? Let me know your thoughts below.