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YouTube finally lets you watch videos vertically on Android smartphones and tablets.

Before the update, if you wanted to watch a video that was recorded on a phone vertically, instead of horizontally, the recording would be shown with a black background and horizontally.

YouTube 10.28.59 brings vertical playback to Android smartphones and tablets. As always, Google – the company behind YouTube – will update the app as part of a rollout that normally takes a long time to reach each and every user.

If you can’t wait to try the new feature, you can download the APK file on your Android here. Remember you need to enable the “Unknown sources” installation on you smartphone or tablet settings.

Once you do, open YouTube on your Android and try out the feature with the following vertical video:

And while you are at it, here is a funny video that intends to prevent people from using their phone vertically to record videos:

What do you think of the update? Do you use your smartphone to watch vertical videos? I think that you will like the new YouTube update for Android.

Please let me know your thoughts on the comment section below, and thank you for reading