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My experience with Google Cardboard

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Last year when Google released the first cheap head mounted display for mobile devices, everyone seemed to love the simplicity and the implementation of older technologies that give the cardboard the functionalities it has. Cardboard takes advantage of your phone’s magnetometer to create a button using only two magnets located at the left side of the contraption.

Though some may not see the functionality of Cardboard, considering that the Android market doesn’t have many Cardboard compatible applications, the device has yet to show it’s potential.

We are just starting to realize how powerful of a tool Cardboard might become in a few years. Imagine doing a house tour, visiting the Louvre, and seeing the interior of your dream car all from the comfort of your living room.

Companies like Samsung, HTC, Valve, and OnePlus are trying to make mobile virtual reality evolve by creating their VR headsets and using custom made apps that improve the user experience.

My experience with Google Cardboard

I purchased a unit as soon as I heard of Cardboard thinking it might be fun to play around in a virtual reality environment. Not much later did I realize that the ecosystem was scarce and became bored pretty quickly. Now that some time has passed I decided to revisit Cardboard and check the market for new compatible apps, this time finding some functional and entertaining apps.


FullDive VR – 3D YouTube

FullDive VR is an application that combines a web browser, a cinema for you to view your photos and videos, a camera, and also some Youtube videos in 3D. It gives a totally new way to check your Facebook.


Dreamizer 3D VR for Cardboard

Dreamizer 3D VR is in my opinion of the most incredible interactive apps out there, even though there isn’t a lot to it. The application is simple, it puts you inside one of two selectable homes that you can navigate through by simply hovering the selector over one of the options available.



The official Google Cardboard app is an excellent way to showcase some of the functions Cardboard has. Combining Google’s Photosphere and Google Maps, it creates a very immersive experience if you are new to the VR world.

To summarize, Google Cardboard is a great addition to the VR environment. It has given us an alternative to all those more expensive VR headsets and simultaneously created a whole new subgenre of mobile accessories.

I must say that my experience with Google Cardboard has been a rather pleasant one. Now that companies like OnePlus are implementing Cardboard in peculiar ways I must admit that I am excited for the future of Cardboard.

What do you think of Google Cardboard? Do you like it? Would you purchase a unit yourself? Let us know in the comments!