Elias Pelcastre

OnePlus releases official app for OnePlus 2 launch event

OnePlus recently announced that the OnePlus 2 launch was going to be in Virtual Reality using the Google Cardboard. Though it might seem a bit strange that they didn’t choose to launch their product the conventional way, it might be a step into a future with more immersive product launches.

Up until now, no other company had had the sufficient interest in VR to actually host an event using only that technology. The whole point of using such technology is to create a more personal bond with the user and to make the user feel like there is more to the launch than just seeing what the new product looks like.

OnePlus releases launch app

OnePlus confirmed that you don’t necessarily need Cardboard to enjoy the launch, but can instead watch it the old traditional way if that is what you want.

The app currently shows the time and date you need to come back to be able to see the launch in your country.

Are you interested to see what the next flagship killer will look like? Join us by downloading the official OnePlus 2 launch app here.

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