You need to stay connected at all times. Either at work answering colleague emails or home replying to messages from family and friends.

Boomerang for Android wants to give you a hand with that. The free mobile app enables you to program email messages for a later response.

To use Boomerang, you need two things a smartphone – or indeed, tablet – with Android 2.2 or later and a Gmail, Google Apps or Microsoft Exchange account.

On the main screen, you can add your email address. Just select a provider to start programming emails.

Boomerang displays a blue screen with all inbox messages and a top right button to compose and program an email.

Tap on it to start writing a message. Once you’re done you can either send your message immediately or press the blue “send later” bottom to snooze it.

You can schedule a message to be sent two hours and up to a week later. Boomerang even has a “remind me” option that will help you remember to send a message later on the day, week or month.

The app works as advertised. Boomerang sends messages when you tell it to do it, and reminds you to compose an email at the time you set a reminder.

This is how Boomerang works:

Schedule email Android

The best thing about Boomerang is that the app is available for free so you won’t have to spend a penny to try and use it. Did you find Boomerang useful?

Download Boomerang free for devices with Android 2.2 or above