Elias Pelcastre

Is buying a Grammarly Premium subscription a good idea?

The following article is not sponsored by Grammarly. Recently I talked to you about Grammarly’s Chrome extension. This app for Chrome browsers on Mac or PC computers enables users to see their errors and correct them.
To be more specific, the free Chrome extension shows you if you misspelled a word or forgot a comma or a full stop, among other basic mistakes.

But if you want to know if you made a grammatical error you need to buy a premium subscription. Grammarly calls these “critical” mistakes.

You can either pay $30 a month or buy an annual subscription for $140. That means you would end up paying a little over $11 a month.

Grammarly Premium corrects over 250 grammatical mistakes, detected “by checking your text against over 8 billion web pages”. It also “improves your word choice with context-optimized vocabulary suggestions” and offers Microsoft Word implementation.

I use WordPress on Chrome to write my articles for eliaspelcastre.com. When I had the free extension enabled, Grammarly used to show me only simple mistakes and leave me wondering about critical errors.

Now I only tap on the green button at the end of the text and the “software” shows me what I got wrong. Grammarly suggests the use of active voice, a different choice of words and change on a sentence’s order (it also displays a score on the bottom right corner).

But everything is not perfect. Grammarly sometimes forgets to point a missing preposition or overused word and wants to correct things that are okay.

Nevertheless, I liked the premium version and didn’t regret buying it. If you decide to buy it, Grammarly offers a 7-day money guarantee in case you change your mind.

You can get Grammarly premium here. I suggest you use the free extension first before buying a paid subscription (you can read my review here).