theneeds app

I can’t wait for the Apple News app on iOS 9. From the looks of it, Apple may change the way users consume news on their iPhone and iPad devices.

In the meantime, I tried Theneeds, an app that intends to display news stories in a different and social way.

Although the app is available for all iOS devices, it was designed for iPhone. That means that the iPad version has a non-native 2x resolution.

To use Theneeds do you have to log in or sign up with Facebook, Twitter or Gmail account. This because the app wants to offer you a more social experience while reading news on the go.

After signing up, you will have to introduce at least five interests to proceed to the main screen.

Theneeds features music, video games and travel news, to name a few. As a disclosure note, the “Vacation essentials” article from our writer Kitty Busz was featured on the app, but did not receive any compensation for this article.

You can edit your interests on the home to have easy access to a broad range of news and videos.


Theneeds displays an extract from a news piece, and you can either read the article inside the app, by swiping your finger down or head to the source by tapping on the continue button.

Swipe to the left or right on an article to like or dislike it, respectively. Liking or disliking an article helps Theneeds learn your tastes and display or avoid similar news pieces. And if you find something interesting you can share it on Twitter, Facebook or by email.

I liked the app’s section carousel on the main screen. It makes reading news and finding content more appealing.

The interface runs pretty well on an iPhone and iPod touch, although I have to admit I was disappointed with the scaled not-so-responsive version for iPad. Hopefully, Theneeds’ developers will release a native and proper tablet app for the news reader.

What did you think of Theneeds? Did you like the app? Please let me know when the comment section.

Download Theneeds free for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 7 or later