Whether you’re off trekking for two months this summer, or spending a week sunbathing on a picturesque beach, there are still those essentials which are often taken for granted but easy to forget and will help your holiday run smoother. Although there are many new gadgets emerging on the market from sand proof bags to T-shirts with built in SPF, it is always those golden oldie necessities which top my list to pack;

Photo by Kitty Busz

1) Lip Balm. Everyone remembers sunscreen, it’s pretty much impossible not to but I cannot stress how painful it is to wake up in the middle of the night with half of your lips hanging off because you’ve burnt them to death. Do not underestimate the vital role of the humble SPF lip balm. And take a couple as well because they’re so easy to lose.

2) A bloomin’ good book (or three). Because there’s no better way to completely transport yourself even further out of reality than take part in somebody else’s for a few hours a day. One of my favourite ways to get inspiration is to head into the local charity shop and pick up whichever book catches my eye in the sale section, they’re normally about 50p.

3) Baby powder. I mean most holidays include a day of sightseeing surely, well all mine do and this is a godsend for when your flip flops are rubbing or your backpack is slowly grating away at your shoulders.

4) Plenty of pens and a notebook. There are so many moments I have thought I wish I had some means of writing down this incredible thought which is occupying my brain right now. Well, thanks to my pocket sized notebook and the pen in my hair, this is now possible.

5) Scarf. I cannot big up the advantages of having a lightweight scarf enough. Going into a religious site? That’s okay, they can cover your shoulders or hair. Bit cold? No problems, you have a scarf. Fancy a sunbathe? Just lie on the scarf. On a train and need a pillow? The list continues. So multipurpose.

6) English breakfast tea bags. Because nobody does tea quite like the Brits.

7) Ear plugs. Even if I’m on a five star getaway in contrast to the normal dorm residing, it’s still impossible for me to sleep without these beauties. As someone who gets suicidal tendencies/murderous thoughts from just listening to someone breathing whilst they sleep, I can honestly say this invention has altered my life. For the better.

8) Imodium. Spain? Iran? Vietnam? Tunisia? Pretty different locations right? The similarities which link these fabulous destinations is that I have used Imodium in all of them and avoided potentially life changing embarrassing situations. (I’ll let you do the imagining here)

9) Emergency cash. Because bad things happen and money can get stolen, cards can get swallowed by machines and Western union is expensive. Whenever I see the yellow and black sign I still shudder at the thought of paying $100 in order to get $300 sent to me.

10) Corkscrew/ Bottle Opener. I don’t think this needs expanding on!

Happy holidays everyone!