IFTTT, or If This Then That, lets you “put the Internet to work for you”.

It offers a wide selection of recipes or combinations between apps and online services to automate actions and make things easier for you.

How? Let’s say People publish a viral story, and you want to share it with your Twitter followers. IFTTT provides a recipe that tweets for you the most viral stories on the celebrity website.

Another example is that if someone on LinkedIn shares a link you will see it posted on your Facebook page.

There are tons of examples like these, and Spotify has joined the list.

IFTTT and Spotify work together to enable you to:

  • Tweet when you favorite a new song
  • Pin new tracks added to a Spotify playlist
  • Add your YouTube tracks to Spotify
  • Post to Tumblr when you add new songs to a playlist
  • Share New Spotify songs added to a playlist on Facebook

How do you create a recipe? At first I thought it was complicated, but it is not.

All you have to do is select a recipe and login with your account details for every service. In some cases, like “tweet when you favorite a new song”, IFTTT will share a pre-established phrase to make the process of tweeting your songs automatically.

Most of the Spotify recipes involved selecting a playlist, and at the moment of writing IFTTT had problems displaying my lists. The service acknowledges this may happen.

You can start creating Spotify recipes here. Do you find IFTTT recipes useful? Let me know in the comment section below.