My response to the title question would be yes, but only if you use your calendar and consider yourself busy person.

Google Calendar is set to be the de facto option for many Android users. It sits there, on your smartphone or tablet’s app drawer.

If you are looking for an entirely different calendar app, I have to say from the beginning that Boxer Calendar may not be for you.

It just seems so “standard”. The main screen displays the day you’re living in on a calendar with a white background.

Boxer Calendar takes your events from a Gmail account and shows the same colors that you picked on the search giant’s app.

There is a big “+” button on the bottom left corner that enables you to add a new event. Choose the day, time, location, reminder and people you want to invite to set an event.

boxer app

Boxer Calendar for Android

Where Boxer Calendar tries to differentiate itself from Google Calendar is with an “availability” feature. Although to use it you will have to download the Boxer email app on the Play Store.

The only way I managed to send my availability was through the mail app. “Availability” is located on the top right menu of the compose window.

The availability feature adds the message “works for me” inside your email. That way people will know when you can meet them.

Apart from the availability “trick”, Boxer Calendar is pretty much just another email app. What do you think of Boxer Calendar?

Download Boxer Calendar Free for Android 4.1 or above