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Finally, you can say “OK Google” to send a WhatsApp message on Android (Update)

Google Now is the search giant’s personal assistant for Android. It answers to questions including: Is it going to rain? What’s the time in New York? How much are 10 pounds in dollars?

You can also use Google Now to send text messages over Hangouts and Google Messenger, or email people with your voice.

This works from an Android smartphone and Android Wear smartwatch. I use the LG G Watch and reply to texts using my voice.

The people that contact me do it from WhatsApp. It is kind of annoying that you can only reply to WhatsApp messages using your voice but not send a text from scratch with a voice command.

That has finally changed. You can use Google Now to start a conversation on WhatApp with your voice.

And WhatsApp is not the only service that works with the new Google Now. You can also send voice messages with Telegram, Viber, WeChat and Next Plus.

Keep in mind that the new third-party voice message feature works only in English, although Google has opened it for people around the world.

To use Google Now’s “OK Google” voice command, you need to set English as your language on Google Now’s settings (these are Google’s instructions).

At the moment, I could not use Google Now to send a voice text over WhatsApp, but after the break you will find a GIF showing how it works on an Android smartphone.

Google Now’s new feature doesn’t seem included in a new update. I guess Google will release it as a server upgrade. I will keep you posted once I try the new Google Now feature.

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OK Google is now working on my Moto G. It understands names in Spanish, but as I told you, you have to dictate your messages in English. Take a look: