Elias Pelcastre

Three days using Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher on Moto G 2013

Microsoft released Arrow Launcher for Android smartphones and tablets on Monday. Instead of breaking the news like every other technology website, I decided to try Arrow Launcher on my Moto G 2013 to give you my point of view.

I love using Google Now launcher on my Moto G. Google Now Launcher displays very useful information with just a swipe from right to left on the Home screen.

Arrow Launcher gives Android devices a new layout. The first and more noticeable change is the aspect of the app icons, which look smaller and more compact.

Microsoft’s new launcher displays three sections, a recent apps and calls section and an app drawer. Unlike Now Launcher, you can’t add more screens to Arrow’s Home.

Microsoft Arrow Launcher for Android

Swipe to the left of the Home screen to access your recent and frequent contacts. This way you can call them more quickly because Arrow displays two buttons to call and access your contact agenda with just a tap.

If you swipe to the right arrow enables you to create quick notes and reminders. This feature is very useful if you have a busy day.

It has been three days using Arrow Launcher and to be honest I want to go back to Google Now Launcher. I miss Google Now’s quick access, and I think features offered by Arrow at too basic although the launcher runs smoothly enough.

Arrow Launcher is still in beta, but you can download the APK file here (remember to turn on the Uknown sources button inside your Android settings).

What did you think of Arrow? Did you like it enough to change launchers? Please let me know in the comments section below.