Elias Pelcastre

Vero wants to take on Facebook with a new “relationship first ” social network

I don’t use Facebook anymore. I only share posts from eliaspelcastre.com under an “anonymous” account name on the blue and white social network.

I started using Facebook back in 2009, but at some point I felt the main focus of the social network was to spread gossip and pointless information.

I noticed my close friends stopped sharing interesting things about their lives. The rest of my acquaintances just wanted to show off and speak in “code” saying things that related to “a certain someone” and not me.

And Facebook ads started getting in my face all the time, which was very annoying.

Vero is a new social network that thinks that “social means interacting with people you know, like, and trust in the private advertising-free experience”.

I downloaded the new free app on my iPhone to see if Vero is even worth trying.

To use Vero, you need to sign up with your name and email address. After that, you will be asked to add a photo to your primary circles (close friends, friends and acquaintances), but you can skip this step entirely.

Vero boasts about taking privacy seriously; the social network wants to give you “full control to protect what you love”. You can either invite people from your contacts or ask or look for them manually.

The main screen displays a + button to share photos, links and even books. Vero suggests content you may want to share. If you find something interesting, you can either recommend it or not. The possibility to not like something and share it is a feature that sets Vero apart from Facebook.

You can easily share things privately, with close friends or acquaintances by tapping on the top button of the share screen. This way you won’t have to struggle to find the privacy controls on your Facebook settings.

Vero includes a chatting option INSIDE the app, unlike Facebook’s Messenger separate feature. You can even edit the comments you write on a friend’s post.

Friends can comment and “heart” your posts. Vero is free of advertising, but apparently CEO Ayman Hariri wants to start charging a subscription after the first year of service (I didn’t find a “Cancel Subscription” button).

Vero’s interface fits with iOS 8, with a plane and transparent layout, and to me it seemed less cluttered than Facebook.

The bad news for people who are looking for a new social network is that Vero is only available for iPhone. Download Vero and try it for yourself, it requires iOS 8 or later.