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If you like shopping for clothes, live in the United States and own an iPhone, the next app is a must.

Everlane, an online retailer that offers “radical transparency”, has a new app on the App Store that tries to add something new to the mobile shopping experience.

I have to admit from the beginning that I was disappointed because of the lack of an iPad version of Everlane. Shopping from a tablet seems like a very normal thing to do.

To take full advantage of Everlane you are asked to sign up with an email or Facebook account.

After you do it, you will see on the main screen the option to get clothing recommendations based on your location’s weather. That is how Everlane wants to be different from the rest mobile shopping apps.

Everlane offers cloth recommendations for up to five days. It displays different kinds of apparel based on the local weather, which the apps displays in Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees.

The app has a very sleek and fast interface. It displays suggestions for both men and women and a wide range of collections and products.

You can select different colors and sizes and see the looks of the final product. Everlane offers free shipping throughout the United States and lets you get into a waitlist before desktop users.

The only downside I see to Everlane is the lack of support for iPad. You can download the mobile app and use it on your tablet, but you will get a scaled down version of it.

Nevertheless, I think Everlane offers a nice and truly mobile shopping experience on an iPhone.

What do you think Everlane? Did you like the new iPhone app? You can download it for free for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with iOS 7 or later.