The wait is over: Angry Birds 2 is now available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android smartphones and tablets.

The game takes a while downloading data and starting up, so prepare yourself to do some waiting before throwing some birds around.

Angry Birds 2 presents levels like a board game and features new gameplay graphics. Birds and pigs look more animated.

You know the deal: you have to throw Angry Birds at pigs and destroy everything that is on your way. You get a star score from one to three at the end of every level depending on how many pigs, boxes and obstacles you cleared away.

Angry Bird gameplay scenarios look more “real”. At some point, I don’t know why, but the game’s background reminded me of Walt Disney’s Aladdin.

I think Rovio learnt from the original game and made the sequel easier. Not “super easy” but more playable and less frustrating.

Angry Birds 2 review

You get a turn to kick some pig butt with every Angry Bird you collect, and a price, like diamonds, at the end of some levels.

The game is free and offers three in-app purchases: a pile of gems for $0.99; a chest of gems for $9.99; and a sack of gems for $5.99.

As it normally happens with some titles from Rovio, the developer uses the opportunity to advertise its other games every time you pause or finish a level.

I have been playing while doing this review. I have managed to get to level 4 and just got Chuck the yellow bird.

I have to say that yes, it is Angry Birds, and things have not changed radically.

But Rovio has implemented new graphics that make the game very appealing. And I appreciate the fact that is not that complicated to kill pigs on the road.

I can see myself playing some more, but I do not know how much. Maybe this will not be my next obsession, but I want to know how far I get playing Angry Birds 2.

What did you think of the game? Did you like it?

Download Angry Birds 2 for your platform here