VPN Hotspot Shield decided to create an app for Android that enables you to send self-destructing messages.

Kaboom is a free and very easy to use app for smartphones and tablets that has privacy at its core.

You need to create an account using your phone number to start sending Kaboom texts. Once you provide a valid phone number and name you will get a code to verify your account.

Services that allow self-destructing content include Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Android’s text message and email apps and Kaboom.

You can either take a picture or upload an image from your library to share with your message. All you have to do now is set an expiration date which can go from a minute to a thousand days.

Kaboom also self deletes messages after a certain amount of views. Once the conditions that you set are met, the message will self-destruct. It tried it and I can say it works, but the person that gets the message needs Kaboom installed on their devices.

The main screen, after you send a message displays an inbox with the texts you got and sent. The app has a very straight-forward and user friendly interface.

Kaboom may not offer something entirely new but you should give it a go in case you want a new app to send self-destructing content.

Did you like Kaboom? Do you think is better than Snapchat? Let me know in the comment section below.

Download Kaboom for free for Android 4.3 or above