Facebook mobile should be more personal. That is the least the Mark Zuckerberg and company should give you in return for you uploading your personal life to their network.

I found on the App Store an app that wants to give a different spin to your social media experience on an iPhone.

Friendly has a set of features that enable you to change the mobile aspect of your Facebook page.

The settings option inside Friendly offers 18 colors that change the tone to the menu bar – where you find the notifications, message and search buttons – the background and the “Publish” button. This way you can mix it up a little and forget about the classic white and blue color that remind you of Facebook.

Friendly lets you save content for later when you don’t have an Internet connection, apply a password to lock your precious profile and auto-lock the app after a minute and up to an hour.

The app comes with an ad blocker that will get rid of those annoying commercials that constantly get on your face. You can also choose which notifications pop on your screen; that means you can disable birthday reminders, friend requests, and message notifications.

On the bottom of the main screen, you will find a section with a range of topics trending in your network.

What I liked about Friendly is that you can send messages inside the app. There is no need to install Facebook Messenger to chat with your friends and family.

You should think of Friendly as a mobile version of Facebook that you can personalize. All inside a third-party app.

Friendly displays a loading bar on top of the screen, making it feel like a mobile website instead of an app. It may not be a “looker”, but it does a good job at personalizing your Facebook account.

Did you try Friendly? Did you like it? Let me know in the comment section below.

Download Friendly for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 7 or later