Yesterday I watched the horror film The Gallows at the cinema.

The Gallows has a very “Paranormal activity” style. A teenage boy records every single moment that happens and follows everyone around with his camera making them uncomfortable (no one takes his camera away and breaks it).

Shots look home-made and give the film a very real and scary tone. Although I felt from the beginning actors were overplayed and the dialogues a bit fake.

Markie GJ says in the only review on

You can tell from a million miles away what is going to happen and the scary scenes are more about making you jump that actually scaring you…

I agree and disagree with Markie’s comments. There are moments when you don’t expect something to happen, but The Gallows does “make you jump” from your seat more often than not.

Towards the middle of The Gallows, you start seeing where things are going, but the story takes unexpected turns that keep you holding on to your seat.

I liked the way scary scenes are handled. The Gallow doesn’t give things away too much and keeps details a mystery for as long as possible. There are films where you can see the scary element at its fullest, and I think that kills the magic.

Dialogues and reactions in The Gallow (sobing, breathing and loud self-thoughts) seem overacted during scary moments, but long scenes in the dark keep you hoping for scenes to change quicker.

In spite of the dialogues, I would recommend The Gallows. People at the cinema jumped and cursed at times.

I would also dare to say there will be a part two, as the ending leaves the possibility open.

Take a look at the official trailer:

Did you watch The Gallows? Did you like it? Let me know in the comment section below.