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I remember my days as a student. Working out was a luxury.

Back in 2009 gyms in Cardiff used to charge an average 30 pounds a month. Pure Gym had a 15 pounds membership that now has soared to 19 pounds.

I could buy half a week of food with 15 pounds. I wish I knew then that I could work out without leaving my room.

Darebee, previously known as Neila Rey, is a website that offers a wide selection of free exercise routines that you can do without any machines.

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I do the HIIT, High- intensity interval training. You can access the website on a computer or a mobile device (an iPad, iPhone or Android) to see the workout is divided into levels.

I did level one, and there is a pre-established set of repetitions that you should do to complete a workout. Dareebee displays images to guide you through a routine, as well as a clock to time an exercise without leaving your browser.

Darebee also offers warm ups, challenges and monthly training, that will help you get (or stay) fit during the summer. It also has meal plans and recipes to get help you lose or increase your weight.

The website is free but if you like it and have money to spare, you can donate to the site administrators through PayPal to keep it running.

What do you think of Darebee?