Why call somebody when you can text them? WhatsApp may be the first app that comes to your mind when you think of texting someone, but Drizzle wants to change that.

Available for free for Android smartphones, Drizzle rewards you every time you text and receive text messages.

First of all, you need to sign up using a nickname, an email, and a password. There is a Facebook button to register with one tap.

Drizzle will analyze your SMS messages and ask you to make it your default texting app – don’t worry, you can skip this step entirely. Drizzle works with a “drop” system that rewards you with “real cash” every time you send or receive an SMS.

Drizzle app

App that pays you to text

To redeem drops, you need to download the separate Drizzle rewards app, available for free on the Play store. To get a $5 PayPal card, you will need 5,500 drops while a $20 Steam gift card will cost you 20,500 drops.

When you register to use Drizzle you automatically get ten drops. Drizzle says it shares the revenues it gets from the ads displayed throughout the messaging app.

This model reminds me of Free My App, where you get credits every time you download a sponsored app and try it for 30 seconds. Whit those credits you can buy a broad range of gift cards.

I think Drizzle ask a lot of drops for a gift card, but if you text a lot, this may be an app to check. Download Drizzle for free for Android 2.3.3 or later.

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