Emoji Mac

Emoji fans, please raise your hand (wow, that almost rhymed). Do you have a Mac? Do you want an easier way to add emoji icons to your texts?

Emojibar is a new “piece” of software for Mac OS X that puts an emoticon search tool on your computer’s top menu bar.

The installation process couldn’t be easier: all you have to do is head to Emojibar’s Github page and download the zip folder.

Select a place to save the zip file; unzip it and drop the Emojibar software icon on your Application drawer. Open Emojibar to see a black circle with three stars on the top right part of the menu bar.

Click on the Emojibar icon and look for a word – it can be “lollipop”, “sad” or “heart”. You will get a code next to the emoji.


Type in the emoji code wherever there’s a word section. I’m talking about a Word document or a WordPress entry (I tried Emojibar’s codes on Facebook, and they didn’t work).

Now you can know the shortcuts to add an emoji to your conversations and texts. Did you like Emojibar? Please let me know in the comment section below and thank you for reading eliaspelcastre.com.