On Thursday, Londoners will have to live a day without the tube system. The strike will take place to protest the launch of an all-night subway service on the 12th of September.

That means that if you are going to work, you may need to consider a different alternative. These are my alternative suggestions to get around London.



It may seem like a dumb suggestion, but walking might be the best way of avoiding Thursday’s mayhem. Google Maps offers alternative routes to get faster from A to B – you can download it for iPhone and Android at no cost.


If you can’t walk to your job because it is too damn complicated, why don’t you take your (probably dusty) bike from the garage and cycle? You can also hire a bike to get around using iLondonCycle.


If your office is very far away, I recommend you use a bus. Moovit, available for free for both Android and iPhone, tells you exactly which bus to take to get to your destination.



Using a car is the last option to consider. London streets will be packed with drivers trying to arrive on time to their jobs. Waze, an app owned by Google, as well as Google Maps, displays alternative routes to avoid traffic jams on your way to the office.