Simple photo editor app

Browsing the App Store, I found a new photo editing app that you may find interesting.

Simple Photo Editor for iPad is a new solution that Apple featured in its “Best New Apps” section. The app boasts it is “a photo editor anyone can use” and is free for a limited time.

I tried it to see if the latter affirmation is right. The main screen displays eight actions organized in a very simple and animalistic way.

Edit a set of stock photos, pictures shot with your camera or images from your library. “Fix” is a feature that lets you “retouch and beautify your face” with a spot and red-eye removal tool.

The app enables you to change the size of your face, paint over it and apply a filter to the end result. The latter just requires a light touch on the screen from left to right to see how the filters would look.

Simple photo editor

Simple Photo Editor has a “Mix” feature that combines two photos in one. You can move and resize the second picture to fit wherever and however you like.

Other effects include “Photo Mess” to distort an image and “Text Master” to add text and 3D effects to a photo.

The app also has an advanced mode to “transform” and give a geometrical shape to pictures, as well as duplicate and mirror objects.

As I said before, Simple Photo Editor is available at no cost on the App Store. That may change soon – so if you like it, I recommend you download it before it goes up in price.

I liked the app, as it offers a free alternative to Photoshop. Remember that Simple Photo Editor is only available for iPad with iOS 8 or later; it weighs 86 MB and you can download it here.

Please let me know your thoughts on the comment section below. Thank you for reading!