Facebook released Live for Mentions, a solution that connects celebrities with fans through live streaming. The downside to the app is that it is only available for VIP people.

In case you missed it, Line also introduced an option that brings famous people and their followers together.

V, available for iPhone and Android smartphones, is a streaming service that imitates Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook Live for Mentions app.

Line celebrity app

You can follow your favourite artists, look for specific videos and get notified when a new streaming session is ready. V is very easy to use: select some celebrities on the Welcome screen to get suggestions and tap on a streaming video on the Home to start enjoying the “show”.

On the left menu, you can see all the artists you follow and add new celebrities to the list. At the moment, you can only follow and watch live sessions from Japanese artists.

V will start streaming content in English from September. In the meantime, you can check the app yourself and see its streaming capabilities for yourself (streaming quality depends on your Internet connection).

V is compatible with iPad, but only in a 2x pixelated scale; I recommend you download and try the app on an iPhone. What do you think of V? Let me know in the comment section.